Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ODE TO THE INTESTINE © 2006 by Neil Levin

The bowel ain’t a sunny place
A dirty, dark, disgusting space

It’s full of microbes, bad and good
And yucky, decomposing food

It has a brain, just like your head
To guide digestion of our bread

It separates “us” from “not us”
And is home to acidophilus

It harbors other creatures, too
And immune cells to protect you

If you develop leaky gut
Food particles will be in a rut

“Chew your liquids, drink your food”
Means masticate it really good

Reduce stress to aid digestion
And increase GI immune cell function

Avoiding allergens is best
And helps you to absorb the rest

A body system we should invest in
Hence this ‘Ode To The Intestine’


Anonymous said...

How creative and insightful!

I anxiously await future publications!

Julia said...


Did you write this ODE? It is quite marvelous! What a great way to end your talk that would have been!

Ah, but there will be other chances.

A great talk, nonetheless!