Monday, October 12, 2009

Nutrition, Eye Health & Diseases of Aging Eyes

Glaucoma is pressure in the eyes and can be from different causes such as narrow/inflamed tear duct drainage or a type of high blood pressure type problem. Since synthetic prostaglandin eye drops (travatan, etc) are sometimes used to maintain normal pressure, it implies that natural prostaglandins (GLA, fish oil) might prevent certain forms of glaucoma. Cataracts and macular degeneration are caused by oxidative damage. Lutein is the key but not sole antioxidant. It does take about 5 grams of fat to absorb 10 milligrams of lutein (usually found in a complex also containing zeaxanthin), so lutein only absorbs well if taken with a meal. Eye formulas are also very good to supply multiple antioxidants and eye nutrients. These should also be taken with meals. Lutein is also the yellow pigment in egg whites, dark green leafy vegetables, yellow corn, orange peppers and squash.

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