Friday, April 26, 2024

When to take products with enteric coating

The reason why we suggest taking enterically coated supplements on an empty stomach is to avoid the pill (capsule or tablet) being trapped in the stomach with food for an hour or more, which could allow the contents to release prematurely prior to reaching the small intestine.

In a study of 24 subjects, at baseline the median gastric pH was 1, increased to pH 4.5 with ingestion of the meal, and then returned to approximately pH 1 some 3–4 h after the start of the meal.,RESULTS,the%20start%20of%20the%20meal

However, if someone has low stomach acid (aging, antacids, etc.) to start, the pH can increase even more and risk the capsule emptying directly into the stomach. That can cause either degradation of the contents or increased risk of burping up and tasting any oils in the product. 

The esophagus and stomach are especially sensitive to essential oils, as evidenced by people adding drops to water and drinking that, later ending up with mucous lining degradation leading to stomach pain or heartburn, and occasionally emergency room visits.

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